Kara Halas, Vice-President & Development Committee
Raised in New Mexico, Kara fell in love with Salem at the age of 14 when she accompanied her mother to a conference in Boston. Deciding to explore the area a little they “got caught up” in a rotary and after a few (too many) trips around the circle found themselves exploring RT 1A. They stayed overnight at the Hawthorne Hotel (lest they have to tackle another rotary) and Kara wanted to stay forever. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be for a few years yet…Kara attended college in VA (Hollins College) and returned to NM for graduate school (St. John’s College). While traveling around the US (CA, OH, NY to name a few) for her husband’s career, Kara obtained her PhD in Organizational Management with a specialization in Leadership. And finally, she and husband George (no relation to the great football coach…unless they’re visiting Chicago in which case they milk the name connection) landed in MA. Kara is the store manager at TD Bank and has no intention of leaving anytime soon! Kara and George have no children of their own (do cats count?) but she is often mistaken for one herself.  Kara loves working in the community to support the future of the town she has loved for so long. She is a firm believer that our schools are the backbone of the community: drawing in businesses, families and building for a stronger tomorrow.