Salem Education Foundation Leanne Schild

Leanne Schild, Vice President & PR Chair
Born and raised in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota, Leanne believes her mid-western friendliness and ability to trump anyone else’s claim of being cold in winter are two of her strongest traits. She knows the value of good education (beyond the decade+ it took to pay back student loans) because it was a professor and mentor at her liberal arts college that encouraged her to apply for a Fulbright scholarship.  That one year scholarship in Vienna, Austria turned into a decade of challenges and rewards living, working and putting herself through graduate school in a foreign country. It was while working for EF Education marketing language programs to Eastern Europeans that she made the transfer back to the US and found herself in Salem, MA in 2000 together with her very large 6’1″ Austrian souvenir – her husband. Leanne and Herbert’s twins (surprise!) are now 3rd graders at Saltonstall school after attending pre-k -1st grade at Bentley school.  Leanne often wonders at her own insatiable commitment to volunteerism in Salem (including volunteer board positions with Parents United of Salem and formerly the Salem YMCA) but being PR Chair at least gives her an excuse as to why she spends too much time on social media. When not volunteering, Leanne works full time at the Peabody Essex Museum as a researcher.