Rich was born in New York City, grew up near Washington, D.C., met his wife in North Carolina and has lived in Salem, MA since 2004. He has degrees from America’s oldest public college and its first, and loves that these are not the same school. (It is left as an exercise for the reader to find out why.)

He wanted to play pro basketball when he grew up, but found himself trapped in the body of a software developer. As such, he’s been writing software for the web since its early days and has worked in a variety of development shops, at both blue chips and startups. He’s co-founder of Salem-based Dribbble (, a popular social network for designers, where he leads product design and development.

He’s a parent (alias: Math Daddy) of two students at Carlton Innovation School in Salem and has served on its School Council for the past four years. He loves podcasts, puns, and living in downtown Salem when it’s not snowing.