Our Vision

SEF envisions a school system that:

  • Challenges all students to reach their highest potential

  • Builds community participation

Over the next five years SEF will bring the critical intellectual and financial resources to support local efforts to improve student achievement, promote effective teaching, and improve systems and structures in Salem public schools.

To accomplish this goal we will:

with the city of Salem, Salem Public Schools, Salem Charter Academy, community agencies and non-profits, the local business community, and other groups who share our mission;

the greater Salem community in an ongoing dialogue about public education and education reform; and

with donors to support multi-year investments to sustain targeted programming, community outreach, and support SEF’s capacity to continue this work.

Our History

Founded in 1994, The Salem Education Foundation (SEF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting community involvement and financial investment in the public schools of Salem, Massachusetts. The Foundation is the only vehicle for private sector investment in public education in Salem and the third most generous Salem-based donor to Salem Public Schools (after READ Trust and Dominion).

SEF is comprised of a fifteen-member board, a dedicated group of volunteers, an Executive Director and the occasional intern.  All members of SEF share a passion for education that advances all children and are incredibly dedicated to finding ways to support public education in Salem.

For the past 20 years SEF has promoted innovation at the classroom level by providing competitively selected micro-grants to teachers awarding over $500K to classroom-focused projects in the areas of sciences, math, the arts and humanities.  These projects went beyond the scope of school department funding and expanded partnerships with Salem’s expansive cultural, civic and commercial organizations. This support for teachers continues today.