Salsa For The Schools

One of the many perks that teachers can get through the Salem Education Foundation is Salsa For the Schools! Partnering with Greg Coles, this enrichment program uses historically accurate and culturally based dance and drum to immerse students in other cultures (or their own in some cases). Students play the rhythms and do the dances of other (or their own) cultures while gaining better awareness of the world, of history and of themselves. Salsa for the Schools is a great perk for teachers because it brings the fun of dance while learning to schools.

Salsa for the Schools gives students the opportunity to learn about different cultures through rhythm and dance. The program can last from one day to up to twelve weeks (meeting once or twice a week). Also, Salsa for the Schools may give students the opportunity to perform in front of an audience! During Salsa for the Schools, educators have reported that students have shown their more engaged and inquisitive aspect of their personalities during this program.

Salsa for the Schools is fiscally sponsored by the non-profit Salem Education Foundation and all donations are tax deductible.  Make a difference by donating!


Enrichment Topics (And, we can be creative with you and do a new one as well):

·      Recognizing Diversity Within (even kids within a family are different)

·      Recognizing Diversity Without (Cultures and peoples are different)

·      Celebrating Diversity (What we all share is a uniqueness that gives us presence and value)

·      African Dance (Names, county of origin and meaning)

·      African Drum (Instruments, roles and responsibilities)

·      Latin Dance (Names, country of origin and context)

·      Latin Drum (Instruments, roles and responsibilities)

·      Demonstration and Performance

·      Demonstration and Performance with Student Participation



To bring Salsa for the Schools to your school please contact:

Carrie Francis Cabot

Greg Coles