Ben Arlander
Ben is a lifelong resident of Salem born in 1980.  He attended schools in Salem throughout his entire school career, including college at Salem State. As of 2014, Ben is an active volunteer that is currently involved with non-profit organizations that relate to the categories of education, culture, environment, recreation, and law enforcement.   His involvement in the educational field includes his board membership on the Salem Education Foundation, board membership on the Stephen Korumpas Scholarship, and board membership on the Salem High School Athletic Hall of Fame committee.  His involvement in the cultural field is board membership and chair of the communications committee for Salem-Ota Cultural Exchange.   His involvement in the environment is his participation of being a beach keeper for Salem Sound Coast Watch and web developer for The Salem Beautification committee.  His involvement in recreation includes his 17+ consecutive years of coaching Salem Little League Baseball and volunteering as the multimedia coordinator for the City of Salem’s Park & Recreation Department.   His involvement in law enforcement dates back to 2001 when he assisted with designing a PowerPoint presentation that was presented in the U.S. Pentagon, and currently provides his multimedia expertise and equipment for the Salem Police Department to help reduce violence for special occasions.